At York (where I go to coding classes) we were assigned an assignment to make a board game.

There are several goal to any kind of game:






6.Forbidden Act





Types of games are

1. Player vs Game

2. Co-operative Gameplay

3.Team competition

4.Multiple Individuals vs Game

5.Player vs player

6. Unilateral Competition

7. Multilateral competition

Me and a friend made an Attack on Titan game with some of the elements above

1.Race to the end

2.Player vs Player or Player vs Game if the player lands on a bad spot


In the game me and my friend made there are several things people who do not know about Attack on Titan to translate

Wall Maria = Start

Wall Rose = Checkpoint

Wall Sina = Finish

Roll a die and that how many supplies you get at Wall Maria

1 supply = 2 spaces

Eaten by Titan = go back to Wall Maria

Find 1 supply = Go ahed 2 spaces

Rubble in Way = Use 2 supplies

Find 3D maneuver gear = Go ahead 7

Need rest use 1 supply

Friend eaten by Titan = Go back 4

Captain Levi is nearby = Go ahead 3

That’s all so far


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